Wolper achieves exceptional results in recent accreditation audit

Wolper Jewish Hospital is very pleased to report on the outcomes of the recent audit by Global Mark against the new Version 2 of the mandatory National Safety Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS).

These Standards provide a nationally consistent statement on the level of care consumers can expect from health service organisations.

The auditors reported back very positively on their findings mentioning that the Hospital continues to display a commitment to safety and quality-focused practices, that strong, positive teamwork was apparent and that they observed consistent clinical practice. They were also very impressed with the implementation of the Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration (PCOC) initiative in the Medical Ward. PCOC is a national program that utilises standardised clinical assessment tools to measure patient, family and carer outcomes in palliative care.

After receiving the auditors’ findings, John Tucker, Wolper Chief Executive Officer, commented “Wolper Jewish Hospital is always dedicated to providing excellent-quality patient-focussed care. The implementation of Version 2 of the Standards and preparations for this audit have been a large project for the Hospital and I would like to thank the Hospital’s executive, management team and all staff for achieving this very successful outcome.”

Wolper has achieved accreditation for the next 3 years and will next be audited in 2022.

Wolper achieves outstanding results in accreditation audit