Wolper Jewish Hospital provides testing for a range of genetic disorders that occur more frequently in individuals of Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jewish ancestry through two programs:

High School Genetic Screening Program

The High School Genetic Screening Program provides year 11 students at Emanuel College, Kesser Torah College, Masada College, Moriah College and Reddam House with the opportunity to undergo genetic carrier screening.

Preconception Genetic Screening Program

For couples considering starting a family, Wolper Jewish Hospital conducts testing for a range of genetic disorders. The clinic is for couples prior to falling pregnant and for those who may have missed out on the schools screening program.

If both parents are carriers, each pregnancy carries a 1 in 4 chance of a genetic disorder.

The Preconception Genetic Screening Program provides two options. Both options use a self-collected saliva or cheek swab sample (depending on the option chosen).

Option 1

  • Offers free testing of the most common serious 11 genetic conditions found in the Jewish community
  • Screening is carried out through NSW Health Pathology
  • There is no cost if you choose this testing

Option 2

  • Screening for just under 300 different conditions which are not all especially common in the Jewish community, but are found in different populations around the world. This DOES include all 11 conditions covered in option 1.
  • Screening is carried out through a US based laboratory called Invitae.
  • This option costs US$250 for one person and US$100 should your partner also want to be screened at the same time. All costs are paid directly to the Invitae laboratory.
  • Individual results will be returned via the Preconception Genetic Screening program.

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