Wolper’s new private physiotherapy and exercise physiology service extends the Hospital’s reach out into the community even further. Individuals are now able to book private appointments with members of Wolper’s physiotherapy and exercise physiology staff.

Wolper’s physiotherapists are highly trained in treating a wide variety of conditions from injury, post-surgical, illness or concerns related to ageing. Treatment is delivered on a one-on-one basis and is predominantly exercise based with the aim of alleviating pain and restoring function as much as possible.

The Hospital’s accredited exercise physiologists prescribe specific exercises to patients with chronic diseases, illnesses or injuries with the aim of improving or managing their conditions. Treatment involves a one-on-one assessment and goal setting session, followed by individual or small group exercise sessions. Examples of people who may seek exercise physiology services include people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, muscle or joint problems, neurological disorders, anxiety and depression, chronic pain or cancer.

For further information and to book an appointment contact Wolper on 02 8324 2296 or email movewell@wolper.com.au

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