General Rehabilitation is suitable for patients who have undergone orthopaedic, cardiac and other surgeries. Patients transferring to Wolper will usually do so 4-7 days after their surgery.

The goals of our rehabilitation program focus on enabling patients to return to a safe and independent lifestyle within their usual home, community and work environment in an appropriate time-frame wherever possible.

Treatment is provided by an experienced team which includes a Rehabilitation Medicine Physician, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nursing staff, pharmacist and discharge planner.

Facilities include a heated chlorine-free hydrotherapy pool and a fully equipped gym with specific areas for balance and functional strength training.

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How does the rehabilitation program work?

  • Physiotherapy takes place twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

To be fit for discharge, the treating physiotherapist and occupational therapist must be sure that patients:

  • Can get in and out of bed and off of a chair independently
  • Are safely using a mobility aid such as crutches or a walking stick
  • Are able to climb up and down steps if relevant
  • Are achieving a functional range of movement in the operated joint
  • Have been provided with a printed home exercise program which will be discussed with the patient
  • Have any equipment needed at home. A home visit may be required to ascertain this.
  • Achieve modified independence in self-care tasks

What happens on discharge from Wolper?

Following discharge, the physiotherapist will arrange follow up therapy as required. This may be at Wolper, or elsewhere closer to the patient’s home. Please let the physiotherapist know your preference prior to discharge so they can ensure the sessions are booked in and there is minimal delay between discharge and starting as an outpatient. If follow up sessions are to take place elsewhere please speak with the physiotherapist so that they can organise a referral to the desired location.

For those able to continue at Wolper, we offer Day Rehabilitation and MoveWell community exercise classes.

The Day Rehabilitation program runs between 3-6 weeks. Each appointment must include at least two forms of therapy being physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and an education session with either an occupational therapist or exercise physiologist.

Once the Day Rehabilitation program has been completed, fitness can be maintained by attending Wolper’s MoveWell exercise classes. Classes include aqua-aerobics and aqua-core, tai chi, strength and conditioning as well as falls and balance prevention.

Referral to Wolper

Referral is by the surgeon or the referring hospital. Patients will be assessed by our rehabilitation consultant on admission.

What to bring

Rehabilitation patients are required to bring:

  • Medicare, private health fund membership and any relevant entitlement cards.
  • List of current medications and dosage information. Medications must be in date and in their original boxes.
  • Comfortable day clothes, shoes (not scuffs) and night attire.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes for exercising
  • Front buttoning clothes (for people with upper limb issues).
  • Swimming attire (for patients participating in hydrotherapy).
  • Personal toiletries.
  • Current x-rays or scans.

The goal of Wolper’s inpatient rehabilitation program is to enable patients to return to a safe and independent lifestyle within their home, community and work environment.