Important advice for patients before hip or knee replacement surgery

In this changing healthcare landscape, here is what you can do to ensure you are receiving the correct advice on inpatient rehabilitation at Wolper Jewish Hospital:

  • Contact your health fund and confirm with them that you are covered for inpatient rehabilitation at Wolper should your surgeon determine this is appropriate and necessary. We recommend you keep a record of the name and position of the officer who advises you, the response they provide and the time of your call should this be required for future reference.
  • Once confirmed contact our Manager Rehabilitation Services, Marcelle Segal, on 8324 2221 or by email to discuss the timing of your surgery.
  • At pre-admission or on the day of your surgery, inform the referring hospital and your surgeon that you have arranged to come to Wolper.
  • If you are advised that there are no beds available at Wolper following your surgery, please confirm this with us directly by calling Marcelle Segal on us 8324 2221 and inform your surgeon.

Thank you for choosing Wolper Jewish Hospital