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Please see below video recording of Wolper’s Wellbeing sessions on a range of healthcare related topics as well as other Wolper events.

Wolper Wellbeing

Wellbeing Q&A on Living with Diabetes (July 2017)

Wellbeing Q&A on Dying with Care (May 2017)

Wellbeing session on Parkinson's Disease & Rehabilitation (March 2017)

Wellbeing Q&A on Am I Fat? (Nov 2016)

Wellbeing Q&A on forgotten cancers (Sept 2016)

Wellbeing session on managing medications (July 2016)

Wellbeing session on kidney awareness (May 2016)

Wellbeing session on sleep and sleep patterns (March 2016)

Wellbeing session on Sexuality In The Maturing Population (November 2015)

Wellbeing Q&A on Dementia(September 2015)

Wellbeing Q&A on Suicide & Depression(May 2015)

Wellbeing Q&A session on medicinal cannabis(March 2015)

Wellbeing Q&A session on Stroke(November 2014)

Wellbeing Q&A session on type 2 diabetes(July 2014)


Share the memories of many friends of Wolper.

The newly refurbished Wolper Jewish Hospital launch.

Wolper Launch
Introduction Opening Speech Unveiling the plaques
Special thanks Closing Remarks