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Updates to Wolper's popular MoveWell exercise program

Wolper's MoveWell Program promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for all members of the community.

MoveWell Class Descriptions

MoveStrongStrengthening and Conditioning
Suitable for participants from the general community that are independent and looking to improve strength, flexibility and fitness. Classes are conducted in a circuit format using exercise machines, free weights and body weight exercises to strengthen the upper and lower body and to improve fitness.

MoveSteadyFalls and Balance Class
Suitable for participants from the general community who are independent or use a walking stick/frame. Exercises focus on balance, leg strength and posture to reduce the use of the aid and prevent falls.

Tai Chi - ShibashiStarting October 2016
Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise focusing on slow, controlled movements. Benefits include improvements in strength, posture, balance, mental relaxation and breath control. It is a low impact form of exercise, suitable for those with arthritis and osteoporosis, reduced balance, heart and respiratory conditions and back pain. Shibashi 1 and 2 consist of 36 movements and form the basics of formal Tai Chi.
Come along and learn the stepping stones.

MoveBigFor people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
This circuit class is based on the LSVT Big protocol and focuses on high amplitude, big movements in order to improve strength, balance and confidence.

MoveWell Class Fees:
$20 per class
$17 for aged or disability pension card holders
All classes must be purchased in sets of 10 classes

Each class runs for 45 minutes and is supervised by an Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist

Aqua Class Descriptions

AquaMove Aqua-Aerobics
Classes focus on increasing and maintaining body strength, flexibility and function via water-based exercise which supports the body and reduces impact on joints.

AquaCore Aqua-based Core Strengthening
Water-based classes designed to strengthen the deep muscles around the spine as well as the pelvic floor muscles that form your core. Classes are suitable for individuals with pelvic floor weakness, pre/post natal, and those with spinal injuries/conditions.
Women’s only Wednesday night 6pm class- focusing on pre/post natal, pelvic floor weakness and postural correction.

All Aqua classes are conducted in a chlorine-free heated pool. All participants must be continent and safe in the water to attend. Any concerns regarding suitability for the pool based on medical history should be discussed with your GP or staff prior to starting the classes.

AquaMove & AquaCore Fees:
$198 per 12 week term (1 x per week) or
$154 for aged or disability pension card holders.
Fees must be paid in advance.

All sessions are offered at Wolper Hospital.

For further information and to book your classes contact Emma Ugarte on 8324 2296 or email

Click on the link below to download the MoveWell timetable

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