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Q. Do I have to be Jewish to stay at Wolper Jewish Hospital?
A. Not at all. Wolper is non denominational and accepts all people regardless of religion or creed.  Catholic priests and Protestant ministers regularly visit the Hospital and can be summoned upon request. The only request we must make in respect to our Jewish roots is to ask you not to bring food into the hospital. We have a team of experienced chefs and nutritionists who make delicious Kosher meals specifically to your tastes.

Q. Can I have my usual GP take care of my treatment?

A. Any GP who is accredited to Wolper Jewish Hospital is welcome to work alongside the hospital staff to treat you. Please be aware that your doctor and any other specialist consultant doctors who assist in your treatment will send their accounts separately.

Q. I’m on a special diet. Can Wolper provide meals according to my needs?

A. Absolutely. We believe that delicious and nourishing meals are vital to your health and happiness. That’s why we have a team of professional chefs and dieticians on hand to create your meals according to your dietary and medical needs – and also your personal preferences.
All our food is strictly kosher in accordance with Jewish dietary requirements, and so we ask you not to bring any other food into the hospital.

Q: How do I get to Wolper by public transport?

A: The hospital is easily accessible by bus (route 200) and train (Edgecliff and Bondi Junction railway stations).

Q: Is there parking at Wolper?

A: We provide free parking in our hospital car park. Additional free parking is also available on the surrounding streets.

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