New Wolper Jewish Hospital by-laws approved

At its June 2018 meeting, the Board of Directors of Wolper Jewish Hospital approved a revised set of Hospital by-laws to govern the appointment of Visiting Medical and other clinical health practitioners to Wolper Jewish Hospital. These revised by-laws were developed in consultation with the Hospital’s Medical Executive Committee (renamed Medical Advisory Committee under the new By-Laws in accordance with common parlance) and with the Governance and Nominations Committee of the Board of Directors.

The purpose of these by-laws is to ensure:
• that all patients admitted to the Hospital receive appropriate care; and
• a high level of professional performance by all practitioners authorised to practise in the Hospital.

Visiting Practitioners who wish to admit or treat patients at the Hospital must apply for accreditation by the Hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee (MAC). The MAC ensures that only appropriately qualified professionals gain privileges to work within their defined scope of clinical practice to support the delivery of safe and high quality care at Wolper.

These by-laws ensure the alignment of clinical competencies held by Visiting Practitioners with the needs of the Hospital, ensuring that the right clinicians are providing the right services to our patients.

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