Consumer Safety and Quality Performance Report September 2019


Antimicrobial stewardship involves making sure antibiotics are used wisely. National Safety & Quality Health Service Standard 3 Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infection requires that all health service organisations have an antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) program in place. To demonstrate the requirement is met, Wolper monitors antimicrobial usage and appropriateness of prescribing and reports the results to the Wolper Medical Advisory Committee and the Wolper Board of Directors.

In the most recent Antimicrobial Audit June-July 2019, 60 patients received antibiotics with the following results:
Indication for antibiotic written on Medication Chart 40%
Duration of treatment of antibiotic written on Medication Chart 43%
Duration of administration complies with Therapeutic Guidelines 67%
Microbiology supported the prescription 43%


Healthcare Rights
The second edition of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights was released in August. It reflects an increased focus on person-centred care and empowers consumers to take an active role in their healthcare. The Charter describes what you, or someone you care for, can expect when receiving health care. Access, Safety, Respect, Partnership, Information, Privacy and to Give Feedback. Find out more at

Health Literacy
Health Literacy plays an important role in enabling effective partnerships. For partnerships to work, everyone involved needs to be able to interpret and act on information. Health literacy is about how people understand information about health and health care, and how they apply that information to their lives, use it to make decisions and act on it. Health literacy is important because it shapes people’s health safety and quality.
See our website for more information and for tips on accessing safe healthcare. “Top Tops for Safe Health Care”. These booklets are also available in the Patient Lounges.


Medication Safety
Medication Management Outcomes
Medication Incidents are regularly reviewed by the Quality & Risk, Clinical Care and Medical Advisory Committees and reported to the Wolper Board via the Quarterly Safety and Quality Report.
Incidents requiring Open Disclosure are also included in this report. Open disclosure is the “open discussion of an incident that results in harm (or might result in future harm) to a patient while receiving health care”.
Recent Private Hospital Benchmarking Group Medication Audit results are as follows:
Medication Documentation Wolper  87%                        Benchmark Group Average 88%
Medication Management Wolper      95%                        Benchmark Group Average 94%