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“ ...I should like to tell you that it has been a privilege to stay here.

It's an amazing place, I have seen people with two knee operations walk out of here using a stick only, and I certainly understand what Dr. Seeto meant when he said:

'We will see if there is a place at Wolper, and if there isn't we wait!' “

- Birgit Christensen


“The staff was always willing and helpful and the facilities and food were excellent. I thank, honour and salute the nurses, the physiotherapists, the occupational therapist and social worker, and all the cooks and catering staff. Wolper Jewish Hospital is top notch, thanks to all your efforts.”

- Renate Harding


“I thank you all so very much for restoring me to good health. You are so dedicated, professional and caring, I cannot praise you enough.” - Faye Radom

- Faye Radom

“We thank all the wonderful staff in Palliative Care at Wolper individually and collectively for the superb care and attention you all gave to our father and grandfather, Howard Gray, while he was a "guest" at Wolper.”

- Dianne, Paul, Julie and Michelle Drexler


" deepest appreciation to the CEO of Wolper on leading such a wonderful and dedicated team of staff.
I received the finest of attention at all times and all your personnel went out of their way to assist me through this period......
.....My time at Wolper was a wonderful experience (which I actually hope never to repeat). However, I would never go elsewhere.
Thank you"

- Brian Gold


".... As a member of the Jewish community, and having elderly parents who passed away in recent times, I have been aware of the services provided by Wolper but more as an onlooker and family member/carer. However, having experienced your services personally, I must pass on my thanks and commendation to everyone who contributed to my well-being and recuperation. The clinical care was excellent, the linkage between the Medical and the Rehabilitation Service ensured that I received co-ordinated and well-managed attention, and all the staff were so positive in ensuring that I as a patient had all my needs attended to.......
........As someone who works in the healthcare system both as a clinician and an administrator, I can only thank you and applaud you for the entire team that is working at Wolper at this point in time. Our community is certainly fortunate to have this facility available, and to have the level of expertise, professionalism and dedicated care that is provided by the Wolper team.
Thank you."

- Dr Ian Jacobi


" a token of our appreciation for the wonderful care you gave our mother Miriam throughout the last 3 months.
Your endless devotion to her was amazing. You gave her courage and dignity and always made her comfortable.
....everyone was there for her and prepared to help her and our family in any way possible and at any time.......
........ You are all angels and you have beautiful abilities to comfort and ease pain both physical and emotional.....
....We are eternally grateful.
With kindest wishes and warmest regards."

- Joanne Izenberg, Lena Collins, Louise Hassin


"......I congratulate you on how you choose and train your nursing and physio staff...Zelda and I have never experienced such friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable nursing staff. They are all smiles and nothing is too much for them....It is hard to pick specific names because they are ALL so good....The kitchen staff are so very pleasant. They all say that they enjoy working at Wolper. What a credit to the management....You can be proud of Wolper and its whole operation."

- Ben (and on behalf of Zelda) Goldberg


"Our father, Hyman Resnick, was fortunate enough to have spent his last few days in the palliative care section of your hospital. We were so overwhelmed by the loving and dignified way that he was cared for by your wonderful staff. They not only cared for him, but all of us as well. The attention and sensitivity of the staff was of immense comfort to all of us and we felt that your nurses went far beyond the call of duty to make his passing tolerable and meaningful.....Many thanks."

- The Resnick, Aronstan and Zinman families

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