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There are mutual responsibilities for both the hospital and yourself when you enter into our care. Please read the following information carefully and if you have any questions discuss them with your Wolper Nursing Unit Manager or our attending doctors.

Your responsibilities

As a patient of Wolper Jewish Hospital, your responsibilities are to:

  1. Inform the Hospital of your own and your family's medical history and any relevant information including particular requirements needed for your care. We have provided an online pre-admission form for you to complete to make this process quicker and easier.
  2. Inform the staff of all key contact persons (family, carers). Provide telephone numbers and addresses. Inform the hospital of any change in current status.
  3. As soon as possible, tell the staff about any medications you are taking or have been taking, any medications that you are allergic or cannot take for any reason.
  4. Participate in the planning and understanding of your own care and co-operate with the treatment and care being given to you by the health care team.
  5. Tell the hospital staff immediately if you have any concerns about your condition.
  6. Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner that will not interfere with the wellbeing of other patients or members of the staff.
  7. Assist in maintaining the integrity of the kosher service by refraining from bringing food into the Hospital or asking visitors to bring in food.

Our responsibilities

Wolper is committed to providing the highest quality of medical care and services within the framework of Jewish religious requirements and traditions. Patient care, modern service and community are our top priorities.

We are committed to proving equality of access and service for all patients regardless of their religious faith and financial circumstances. We strive to ensure the dignity, security and wellbeing of all our patients, staff and visitors.

Wolper Jewish Hospital’s responsibilities are to:

  1. Respect your culture, race, religious beliefs and conscientious convictions.
  2. Make all relevant information available to you.
  3. Arrange for an interpreter if you have difficulty in understanding or speaking English.
  4. Treat you with respect, consideration and dignity.
  5. Provide a safe and clean environment.
  6. Provide you with the name and function of the staff in charge of your care and any staff who attend you.
  7. Provide an estimate, where sought, about costs before the start of any treatment.
  8. Encourage you to participate in decisions about your treatment and discharge from the hospital (or transfer to another facility).
  9. On request, assist you in obtaining a second opinion.
  10. On request, give you access to your own medical notes in the presence of your doctor, at a mutually convenient time. Details of your condition will be kept confidential by medical and hospital staff, unless required by law.
  11. Respect and uphold your wish not to see a visitor while you are in hospital.
  12. Receive any complaint or problem you raise about the care or services you receive, and have the hospital respond to you without fear of reprisal.


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