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Patient Privacy

Wolper Jewish Hospital’s Commitment to Patient Privacy

Wolper Jewish Hospital undertakes to collect information only necessary for the proper functioning of the hospital.

What do we do with the information gathered?
Wolper Jewish Hospital will gather personal demographic, financial and other necessary data items for either the patient directly or if for any reason the patient is unable to provide such information from their next of kin or legal guardian. Information about the planned treatment or procedure is gathered from the admitting doctor prior to admission. Upon admission clinical information, including a complete medical history will be gathered to allow the appropriate treatment to be provided. During the episode of hospitalisation ongoing clinical information will be gathered to provide a complete record of that treatment. Following discharge this information is coded for statistical and funding purposes.

Who do we give information to?
Wolper Jewish Hospital will not disclose your information to a third party, other than those directly involved with your episode of hospitalisation. Personal information will be provided to doctors, allied health service providers (e.g. physiotherapists, dieticians) and diagnostic service providers (radiology, pathology), and any post-discharge service providers only if they are or it is planned that they will be involved with your treatment.

Legislation requires the Wolper Jewish Hospital to disclose information to various government agencies. In most cases, this information is de-identified (except police reports, subpoenas). If there are data elements, which would enable an individual to be identified, these are transferred in the most secure format available to us.

If you have private health insurance, have an accepted Workers Compensation or Third Party claim, or have entitlements from the Department of Veterans Affairs, information must be disclosed to the relevant party for the purpose of confirming eligibility and enabling direct payments to be made for services provided.

If you have affiliations with any religious body, we may disclose your details to members of religious clergy associated with that religious body who present at Reception – suitable identification will be required. If you do not wish to receive any such visits please do not disclose your affiliation, or call reception if you are an in-patient to have this removed.

If you have entitlements from the Department of Veteran Affairs, we may disclose your details to representatives from the local Service Organisations. Please contact our Discharge Planner if you do not wish to have this information disclosed.

If you are Jewish, we will also disclose your name and room number to the following:

  • Supervised students from local Jewish schools who wish to visit the sick on the appropriate Jewish festivals
  • Accredited Rabbis for the purposes of pastoral care

Wolper Jewish Hospital may also use your name and address to provide further information to you about the hospital and its activities. Please indicate on your pre-admission form, contact reception or phone the hospital on (02) 9328 6077 should you wish not to receive any mail-outs.

How do we ensure the information is accurate?

Wolper Jewish Hospital endeavours to ensure data is as accurate as possible. Therefore all patients are asked to complete pre-admission forms prior to or on admission to ensure all data is accurate and up to date. If we have made an error and you are an in-patient please advise a staff member.

If after discharge you have concerns that data held by the hospital is incorrect please advise of the correct details in writing to the Medical
Records Department at the hospital.

How do we keep information secure?

Wolper Jewish Hospital ensures security through:

  • All hard copies of personal and/or sensitive information are kept in secure locations within the hospital prior to, during and immediately following an episode of hospitalisation. Physical access to medical records or areas where personal/sensitive information is stored is restricted to clinical and administrative staff.
  • Once patients have been discharged, medical records are held in a central secure location. Once the period for the statute of limitations has been reached or accounts finalised, all paper records are shredded or destroyed by secure means.
  • Electronic data is restricted to staff through security systems, which are password protected. Security levels are in place to ensure staff only access information appropriate to their tasks.
  • A firewall has been installed to ensure that only authorised personnel can access the system externally.
  • Data back-ups are stored in a fireproof safe.
  • All staff are required to sign confidentiality agreements as part of the employment contract, are orientated to the needs for confidentiality as part of their induction program, and are reminded of this need on a periodic basis.
  • All contractors who have access to personal and/or sensitive data are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Hospital by laws have been amended to clearly state that confidentiality is a requirement of any practitioner to wishes to be accredited at the hospital.
  • Any information that needs to be supplied to third parties, and that contains identifying information will be either sent by mail, password protected or encrypted.

How do I access my information?

Any request for access to information, other than financial information, should be made in writing and addressed to the Health Information Manager at the Wolper Jewish Hospital. The appropriate request form will be forwarded to you. Requests for financial information should be made in writing to the Office Manager.

Patients may view their medical record at the hospital. The appropriate request form will be forwarded to you initially. This viewing must take place with an appropriate staff member present. A charge may be incurred for this service.

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